making hats

mad ABOUT hats

Everyone can wear a Hat. Some people say they can't wear hats. But I think they just haven't found the one that fits their style.  Hats are a way to create an attitude or set a mood. Your hat tells a story. You can hide in it, or stand out in it. Does the hat wear you? Or do you wear the hat? 

This is my favorite part of doing custom orders;  I love to talk with my clients, and find out what they like, what works for them or help them pick out the style best suited for their look.  And they have fun browsing through my materials, and picking the right color, fabric and trimming. 

I've had a love affair with hats from a very early age (see photos of me in my bucket hat, cowboy hat, and rain hat).  But during a visit to Seville, Spain where I stubbled upon the studio of the Milliner, Patricia Buffuna, I became interested in the idea of making hats.  Luckily enough for me, I happened to be living in Hamburg, Germany...

Flying over to London, I took a few Millinery courses at the London School of Fashion.  I returned to London to take private lessons from Chlöe Scrivener–who started her career working with the former Queen's Milliner, Philip Somerville and later Philip Treacy.  

After my studies,  I worked as the "American Apprentice" in Hamburg, Germany with my Mentor, Ulla Machalett, who owns, runs and makes all her hats at Rotkäppchen designs in the cool and hip neighborhood of Karolinenviertel, Hamburg.

I'm back to Brooklyn now and heading up my own business, Marine & Deerfield,  out of my studio in Prospect Heights.  I design and make each hat individually using the traditional millinery and couture techniques I learned in Germany and London.  All of my hats are hand blocked with vintage or specially made blocks using the finest straws and felts which I picked up on my travels to Florence, London, Hamburg and Prague. Many of the vintage straws and felt hats are shaped completely by hand, which gives the hats a unique one of a kind look.  

Nothing gives me more pleasure than seeing the smile on my customers face when they try on their new hat. If your interested in a custom hat, please don'e hesitate to contact me. 

-Suzanne Warfield, Hat Maker
Marine & Deerfield