Fall/Winter 2017-2018 Collection

This collection is available to order wholesale or direct to client.  Go to SHOP to browse available styles to order direct, or start a custom order through the CUSTOM ORDERS link.  Please contact me directly for wholesale.


The Bianca is made w/ heavy weight fur felt, with a natural sweep to it. The Cowgirl* is sloped down in the front, with Leather fridge, and cord. Details can include a stampede cord.


Raquel & Emma

Raquel is a Spanish style Goucho, with a nice large wide flat brim, and an oval crown with flat top. The Emma, has a shorter brim, and a slight taller crown. Details include a stampede cord. 



A medium to wide brim style with an elegant take on the pork pie design with a High crown, gently sloping sides and a pointed front.  Made with a flat 4" brim.


A Medium brim and crown with gentle dimples, recessed valley in the top and a pinch at the front. Medium brim can be steamed up on the side or left flat.



A medium to wide brim style with trilby/fedora crown with gentle dimples and a domed valley in the top. Medium brim can be steamed up on the side or left flat. 


This is a single or two colored designed hat with a 2 1/2 " curled brim using a unique one sided dimpled crown with valley in the middle. 


The Teddy, is made from luxurious Fur Felt, called Beaver finish, or Melusine.  It has a medium brim, and a nice dented crown with soft valley down the middle. 



All hats are made to order.  Please allow 2-3 weeks for wholesale, 1-2 weeks for individual orders
Limited colors and material available. 

Make inquiries to studio@marineanddeerfield.com