data collection, privacy and the GDPR?

What's it all Mean?


Following suit with all the good people of the EU ... I wanted to let you know, I too care.

And if you're thinking WTF is the GDPR?, it stands for General Data Protection Legislation. It's the new European Union law regarding the protection of privacy and personal information. As my hats are sold overseas, I want to hold to the same standards, be clear about my privacy policy, and how I collect your data.

If you've only subscribed to my newsletter, then the only information I have on file is your email address, and I only use it to send you these newsletters. I absolutely will never use your details for anything other than an email from me.

If you're happy with this, there's no need to do anything. 
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However, if you purchased something online from me, I might collect a bit more. But nothing personal... and I don't hold you payment details.  Please check out my updated Privacy Policy on my site to get the full scoop.



Presenting the  SPRING MARKET 🌸 at ïLD studio.

On May 5th Iwona Ludyga Design will be hosting a carefully selected group of designers and makers (including my own line, Marine & Deerfield hats) as well as great vintage finds from @omnia_clothing.

There will be bath and body products, leather bags, home decor, hats  (of course) and tons of great fashion!

In addition, we will have yummy snacks for everyone and a spot designated for the little ones with some coloring, so bring them with!

This is the perfect occasion to have some fun, find something for yourself, a friend or for Mom 💗

Saturday, May 5th
200 6th St. 3D • Brooklyn NY 11215



I'm super excited to be apart of this Pop-Up at at TAKE CARE in the West Village this upcoming Saturday, Dec 2nd.  If your planning a weekend (or week) away to some hot spot over the holidays (or after), stop by 41 Perry Street, West Village.  There will be gorgeous bathing suits, kaftans and hats.. of course.

Shoot me an email or give me a call if you want to custom order your own resort straw.



Happy #cybermonday and post #thanksgiving . In big thanks to all my followers and supporters I’m giving a 25% OFF on all hats available on my online shop: the Discount continues till Friday at noon. Hope your holidays are safe and your filled with abundance.⭐️🙏🏼 At checkout, just enter THANKS

ONLINE purchases are exchangeable (not refundable), if you return in same condition. I want you to LOVE your hat, and get the right look at fit. So we do CUSTOM VIA MAIL EXCHANGE with LOVE AND SUPPORT.

Tiki Summer Straw Hat Sale

Summer doesn't seem to be over yet! Even though the excitement of Fall is in the air, here on the East Coast, it's going to be 80 next week!  In celebration of the last days of Summer, upcoming Winter Vacations in hot and sunny places, the final three TIKI STRAWS are available at a 20%  discount.
A Wide brim Straw, made with natural Milan straw braid. Each one has a special unique woven trim with hand embroidered detail and  comes with a very special Hair Pin from Naiad Spirit. Two with Brass, one with Wood.  (note: the wood is very fragile, don't drop it).   

Here is a sample on one of the three. 

Tiki Summer - Wide Brim Hat - Size S/M with Brass Lotus 


This Hat:  Featuring the Brass Lotus Hair Pin as trim.  It is a  size S/M.  The actual inside dimension inside is 57cm or 22 1/2. But it can be worn either very fitted, or up high.  It has a 4 1/2 inch crown and 5 1/2 inch brim. This is a very light straw color.  It comes with a "elastic" to be worn BEHIND your ear, tucked neatly under a pony tail/bun or hidden in your hair.   
I pack each hat in tissue in a hat box, inside shipping box.  Shipping is $25.00 on top of price.  Please email me with questions. 

$212.00 regularly $265.00

🎩 AUCTION : Pink Pussycat Hat

🎩 AUCTION : Pink Pussycat Hat

LIVE NOW on Instagram: @marineanddeerfield

ENDS Tuesday, 6pm EST Feb. 14


Up for Auction:

An amazing HOT PINK fur felt handmade cap
from Marine & Deerfield

50% of proceeds go to Planned Parenthood**

All bids must be made in USD, with a starting bid of $160 and a minimum increase of $5. Leave your bid in a comment and please tag the person you are out-bidding so they know. Your bid does not include shipping. This auction is open worldwide. 
When the auction closes, I’ll notify the highest bidder, and they will be invoiced via PayPal for the amount of their winning bid + shipping cost. If the invoice is not paid within 48 hours, the cap will go to the next highest bidder. 

✨Hat Details✨
Fur Felt, in hot pink
Handmade, handblocked
White Tiger Patch
Size: MED-LARGE/ 57-58cm / 22.5-22 3.4
(can be altered up or down a size if needed)
Retail price $280

 **In celebration of ✨Planned Parenthood✨, I present the Pink Pussycat Hat! I feel very strongly about supporting PP, and having their services available to all women. This is an organization to help women with affordable healthcare. A place that can take care of your needs. Non judgmental, compassionate, and affordable. So 50% of your bid will go directly to Planned Parenthood. And if for any possible miracle, the bid exceeds $300, then 70% will go to Planned Parenthood. 

✨Thanks so much!✨

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Don't forget to stop by the West 13th Street Pop Up in the Meatpacking District this weekend. 

Serious Discounts, Sales and Giveaways, not to mention free wine on Saturday 6-10pm!


Come find your new summer straw hat!  

The new "Merchant Marine" collection and "Wild Soul" collection will be Marine & Deerfield's main feature, in addition to a few "Chloe" Milan straw widebrims (15% off), and short brim city straws (15-50% off).  


 I will be hosting a giveaway for a Marine & Deerfield straw hat from the the current summer stock. 🍒 

(Restrictions apply, details at event).  

The First Commision

This little fascinator was my first official job.  During my training when I was living in Germany, my neighbor commissioned me to make her a hat for a wedding she was attending.  With great trepidation, but eager to try my hand at it, I went forth and created this little piece.  There are some things I would do differently now, but overall, it's pretty darn good for a first.

The Launch of Marine & Deerfield - December 15th, 2015

I can't believe it's taken me three months to post information about the event I held at my home back in December. Co-hosted by Tina Lipman and Victoria Sullivan, we celebrated the launch of Marine & Deerfield.Let's just say it's been a busy few months sense then.  

A fabulous group of Ladies at the Launch modeling M&D hats.

A fabulous group of Ladies at the Launch modeling M&D hats.

It was a really fantastic night, with ladies trying on hats, and going home with one of their own.  I'm about to do another event, which I'll post details to soon.  This time a Trunk Show, at a local boutique.  


The Milliner's Travels to Firenze - April 2015

It's hard to believe it's been a year, but it's true.   A year ago I still lived in Hamburg Germany.   A year ago I embarked on one of the most memorable trips with my colleague and Mentor to Firenze, Italy.  Otherwise known as Florence.  A year ago, I completed my apprenticeship with Ulla.

Ulla and Lea enjoy a delicious Gelate on the  The Ponte Vecchio

Ulla and Lea enjoy a delicious Gelate on the The Ponte Vecchio

I am sad to have left these ladies. And just as sad to end that apprenticeship.  I still feel like I have so much to learn. But it really was time. Time to come home, time to get my own business started, time to experiment!  But I will always look back on that time with such fond memories.  I will miss the camaraderie of working in an environment with others, and discussing projects, and helping each other grow.  

But this was a business trip.  We might have been able to enjoy it in a remarkable place, but we hoofed it all day visiting Milliner suppliers and then followed it by some good old fashioned tourism.  Every evening we ate amazing Italian and delicious glasses of red wine. 

Our trip started from Hamburg aboard Easy Jet ($55 one way!!), and then we took the train from Pisa to Florence.  We stayed just over the The Ponte Vecchio, a Medieval stone arch bridge that crosses over the Arno River.  It's beautiful, and lovely to see day or night.  At night the lights glitter from the shops built along it.  

Every morning, we were up and out, on our way to visit a select amount of Milliner suppliers, from a huge haberdashery warehouse outside of Florence fitted with everything from feathers to pins, to an exquisitely old operation run by a very prestigious Italian family, in the heart of Florence.  We were met by an older gentlemen who didn't smile until the end of our meeting. That's where I picked up the nicest straws.  But the treat was visiting Gennaro Gori outside of Florence (see pics below).  

Traveling to Gennaro Gori's supply house outside Florence was something out of a Milliner's fantasy.   Rows and rows of ribbons, felt capelines, hoods, straw capelines, feathers...  Well, you can see a little bit of what I saw in the pictures below. But they don't quite capture it completely.  The main warehouse was about, but not limited to, 5 giant rooms filled.  Some rooms had shelves that when right to the ceiling.   And down the drive you could see another warehouse, which had been damaged in a storm, and it still had boxes of supplies tucked inside.

But of course, what's work with out play, more gelato, lot's of food, achey sore feet from exploration?    

So that's it till next time.  I definitely plan to join Ulla on her next adventure to Florence if she'll have me.  It was beyond fun, and informative.  

Ciao for now, Firenze!