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Springtime in Seville: Rediscovering an Old Love

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Enjoying a break in Seville, Spain

Enjoying a break in Seville, Spain

Last spring while traveling through the beautiful city of Seville, Spain, I discovered a shop full of the most amazing hats I'd ever seen.  I knocked on the door, and inquired within.  What, where, how!  I wanted to know more.  It turns out the shop, was more of a studio space, where she made and ran her business of making hats.  Hats for custom order and for the spanish runways.  The Milliner was Patricia Buffuna.  

I've always been a hat girl. Ever since I was little. But it never occurred to me that I could make hats.  It still didn't at that time. But, it wasn't long before I took my skills as an artist and seamstress, and applied them as a Milliner.