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A Vintage Moment: Boudoir Queen

vintage styleSuzanne WarfieldComment

A few years ago I came across an etsy podcast of a very, beautiful boutique: Boudoir Queen. I thought it was just a boutique. But it turns out, it was much more than that. 

Boudoir Queen.  Divine and decadent! Well known for making fabulous stage clothes and accessories for many recording artists and film starlets. For us, we can find a few things on Etsy to add to our hidden starlet collection.

Designer Dawn Younger-Smith's style is mixed with her love of the 1920's with a sultry sexy style... She designs fabulous Boudoir Doll purses, clothing and a fabulous Accessory line. A favorite of hers is her wrist cuffs and collars. Mine too!


This is the video I saw that drew my interest:


Vist Boudoir Queen online:

The Boudoir Queen