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My First Group Show - Hamburg

Suzanne WarfieldComment

I was invited to bring my hats and accessories to the Christmas Bazaar hosted by a few ladies in Hamburg over the holidays. It was an amazing experience. Unfortunately I don't have more photos as the night went on–it was just too busy, and I was working my stand alone.   

It was really good for me to do this, and learn how it works, what's needed, and what I can do the next time I have  this opportunity. I've also learned more about my client, the area here in Hamburg, and what they want. 

Since I've been doing hats, I've had a surprising amount of success selling custom made hats for clients.   I'm hoping on my return to NYC I can join in at the markets there.  As my knowledge and experience has grown, I can't wait to share my hats back home.  

In the meantime, I continue on in my studies, my explorations in hats, and the occasional bespoke piece for the Hamburg lady.