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data collection, privacy and the GDPR?

Suzanne WarfieldComment

What's it all Mean?


Following suit with all the good people of the EU ... I wanted to let you know, I too care.

And if you're thinking WTF is the GDPR?, it stands for General Data Protection Legislation. It's the new European Union law regarding the protection of privacy and personal information. As my hats are sold overseas, I want to hold to the same standards, be clear about my privacy policy, and how I collect your data.

If you've only subscribed to my newsletter, then the only information I have on file is your email address, and I only use it to send you these newsletters. I absolutely will never use your details for anything other than an email from me.

If you're happy with this, there's no need to do anything. 
If you would like to opt out of my possible future emails then please feel free to unsubscribe using the link below!

However, if you purchased something online from me, I might collect a bit more. But nothing personal... and I don't hold you payment details.  Please check out my updated Privacy Policy on my site to get the full scoop.