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Making Hats

The First Commision

Making HatsSuzanne WarfieldComment

This little fascinator was my first official job.  During my training when I was living in Germany, my neighbor commissioned me to make her a hat for a wedding she was attending.  With great trepidation, but eager to try my hand at it, I went forth and created this little piece.  There are some things I would do differently now, but overall, it's pretty darn good for a first.

London Studies: Lessons in Sinamay and Parasisal

Making HatsSuzanne WarfieldComment

As I continue to go through my archives of photos from my life abroad, I'm discovering some great shots of some early projects.   The photos below are from my studies with Chlöe Scrivener.  We worked on two very grand hats. This one is the Sinamay project.  Created in Three separate pieces, two for the crown and one for the brim, using 3 layers of Sinamay. To get the material over the crown, the top is separate and seemed to the sides.  The end result is a clean, smooth finish.


With our second project, we worked with Parasisal.  In this lesson, I learned how to extend the crown using Buckram which later on will be covered by fabric.